Riyadh Roads Contracting Company

Implementing projects based on quality of service, cooperation and trust.

Within a short period of time, “Riyadh Roads Company” became at the forefront of developing the infrastructure for government and private plans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where Riyadh Roads Company was established in 2007 AD and specialized in the field of implementing all works in the world of general contracting.

Like other companies that started with a specific vision and limited activity, it was the beginning of practicing the available activities on a scale commensurate with the financial capabilities and existing human cadres.

Highest health and safety standards

Maintaining a team work spirit

Transparency and clarity in all actions

Efficiency and workmanship

تطوير و تنفيذ مخطط رسن طيبة

تنفيذ و تطوير مخطط رسن طيبة مـــعـــلــومـــات الــمــشــروعمـدة المشــروع 24 شهر المطور شركة رسن القابضة مساحة المخطط 3000,000 متر2 رقـم المشروع ( 3533 ) الــمـــكـــــان مدينة الرياض الأعــمــال الــمـنـفــذةأعمال الترابية…

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